Ongoing Research:

Improved SIFT Matching and Noise Removal of UAV Imagery for Accurate DSM Generation

Multi-frequency (X,C,L band ) and Multi-polarization SAR Analysis for Environmental Monitoring

SAR Compact Polarimetry for wetland monitoring with focus on upcoming Canadian RCM data

Terrain Stability and Perfafrost Monitoring in Canad's North using InSAR and Optical Satellite data

InSAR remote sensing for water level change monitoring

Earth observation and procimal remote sensing for oil spill detection and environmental change monitoring

Object-based SAR polarimetry for vegetation and wetland classification

Speckle noise reduction in multi-polarization SAR data

Boreal wetland mapping based on the OBIA of multi-temporal and multi-source data

UAV image processing for forest type classification and forest height estimation


Completed Research:

Automatic extraction of disturbances related to oil and gas activities in Alberta, Canada

Very accurate crop type classification based on OBIA of multi-source optical/SAR data

Urban land Cover Classification using very high resolution satellite imagery and OBIA

Moving vehicle detection and velocity estimation using single WorldView-2 imagery

Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral data

Hyperspectral image classification and information extraction